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Scanmaster is a consulting company based in Bucks County, PA since 1995. We believe the first step of a successful venture is knowing the feasibility of your idea by understanding your company. We help our clients with their vision and guide them through understanding processes. Most business owners know their industry inside out, but are not as knowledgeable when it comes to technologies. We help explain and guide our clients in the right direction.



Since 1979 Scanmaster has been actively involved in delivering Healthcare.  In 1995 Scanmaster began focusing on building and maintaining websites.

Using our past experience, Scanmaster’s primary focus is on Healthcare Informatics consulting and cloud based technologies.

The future is right at our fingertips. Technology is ever changing and albeit painful at times, the future is indeed bright.

Experience Matters
  • Healthcare 30+ years experience
  • Radiology 25+years experience
  • Project Management 20+ years experience
  • Website Management 20+ years experience
  • Information Systems 15+ years experience
  • Ophthalmology 10+ years experience



Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare informatics is an emerging specialty that looks to improve the quality of care, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction through the use of information technology.


Cloud Consulting

Cloud based modules and solutions are a virtual part of most businesses.  We have the ability to help you make decisions to utilize these ever-evolving technologies to the fullest.

Electronic Health Records

Utilizing an electronic health record allows physicians to practice medicine while providing quality care and improving patient outcomes.  The future of healthcare points to improved sharing of healthcare data which will increase accessibility for healthcare providers, payers, and patients.

Practice Management

Improving revenue cycles can be a difficult task.  Optimizing practice management solutions is vital for physician practices in today’s sometimes difficult-to-navigate world of healthcare reimbursement.

Health Quality Measures

Capturing and reporting health quality measures is vital to the healthcare of our nation.  This information allows physician groups, payers, and healthcare organizations to address quality issues with the goal of improving quality of care.

Process Improvement

Process improvement is integral to organizational development.  Improve business practices by identifying, analyzing, and redefining current processes to meet new objectives that benefit the business.




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